Friday, June 26, 2015

Little gardens.

Today was such a great day. After I made pancakes, I retreated to my study to warm up the internet for the day. The historian was on his way out the door. My major news sources--you know I mean Facebook, right?--told me that the Supreme Court had ruled. Before I knew the full extent--although the vibrations felt good--I ran to the front door, opened the screen, and hollered to the historian to come back inside.

As I've checked in and out of things all day, I've been so moved by how much joy and happiness there is. So beautiful.

In the light of that, I worked a little on my poem, then dashed out to pick up some grandkids. We went to a garden shop and bought wee plants and tiny creatures for fairy gardens:

thanks to my daughter for this picture.
I think I might need a fairy garden.

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After that, I went to work out for the first time in several days, because of the previous sick. It felt amazing. Also, when I got home, my muscles were literally trembling. So I made myself a Havarti, tomato and basil sandwich with a little olive oil on the bread and lo! that is a damn good sandwich, you guys.

I called another part-time faculty member to see if he wanted to join the team. He had questions. I was still high off my Havarti, tomato and basil sandwich, so I answered said questions cheerfully.

A couple of different times today when I was outside, I found myself near plantings humming with bees--my lavender, the lemon balm, the thyme that is decidedly outdoing the lawn in certain places. I saw a beautiful butterfly, yellow and black, flit from my yard to the next door neighbor's. And there was this beautiful little moth:

A video posted by Lisa Bickmore (@megastore) on

A video posted by Lisa Bickmore (@megastore) on

So, you know, between all the joy-crying, intermittent but all day long, from the great news of the day, and the tiny gardens and their tiny denizens, and the small children I planted them with, the humming bees, plus the delicious sandwich as a minor yet not insignificant bonus, I feel solidly happy. Well, actually--happy without alloy.

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