Saturday, June 27, 2015

Looking forward.

Although we had decided we'd get up bright and early to go to the farmer's market, when it came right down to it--as in, when it meant getting up and getting in the car--we decided the morning was too lovely for anything but hanging around here.

So we did. We read the paper a little and ate some breakfast. I got the pruning shears and cut back the spent blooms on the roses. It was still cool, especially in the shade. I felt like I had stepped out into the morning's own dream.

After that embrace of the moment, I sat down in my chair and read and corrected the second set of proofs. I sent them back before noon, and I already have the next round, with my corrections in place
--'hopefully the last round,' my editor says. Sometime before too long, these proofs will be an actual book, with a cover and pages.

My mom and dad came up to meet the new baby. So I went over there for a little while. My dad sent this four generation picture:

great picture, dad!

That's me, my mom, my daughter, and her two daughters. So wonderful. I stayed longer than I thought I would because it was just so lovely.

Soon it will be July, and more family will be arriving, coming and going. It's so much to look forward to. And not too long after that, we'll be going to Scotland to visit those beloveds.

School will start, of course, with its flurry and pressures, but also its joys. I'm in no hurry for that to arrive, but when it does, it will be good, it will be great.

And in the winter, this:

honey! it arrived! finally!

We've been waiting for this Save-the-Date to arrive, and yesterday it did. I love the happiness that shines from this picture.

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  1. Reading this post was the perfect start to a Sunday morning. The women in your family wear radiance very well.



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