Thursday, June 18, 2015

Aquatic life in Draper, Utah.

Today, we had a long-awaited trip to the aquarium. By 'long-awaited' I mean several days, since we've been plotting out our hither and yons since Monday. America, it is a long wait from Monday to Thursday, I'm sure you can see that. But today, we went.

It was magnificent, according to Gwen.

There was a certain amount of waiting around for otters to finish their naps already. Which they did not. The otters were basically in a pileup of nappery. Snap out of it, otters!

All of us--all--loved the shark tank. Personally, I could stand there all day and let the light ripple, let the sharks swim over me and feel that movement. All day.

This sea turtle was one of our favorites, too. It didn't seem fazed by any of the sharks.

The fish just kept moving, and we kept watching them in the cool dark shark tank room.

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