Monday, June 22, 2015

Good things.

How about this? Marc Maron interviews President Obama.

I cannot get enough of this amazing article about Robert Rauschenberg's archives.

Do you love to read and look at anything at all about the ways language families are interconnected? I know I do.

My best friend sent me this link to a beautiful video with artist Nayland Blake. It is amazing.

Continuing my obsession with linen coats.

One of the all time great songs.

There's a whole fantastic series of beautiful pieces on storytelling on BrainPickings, but this, on Vivian Gornick's The Situation and the Story: the Art of Personal Narrative, is exceptional.

Since my trip earlier this month to Mesa Verde (and the thwarted Hovenweep trip), I've been looking at how many, many sites there are throughout the general Four Corners area. You guys, so many. How about this? and this? and this? or this?

My grandson did, on video, an amazing and thorough lip-synch of this Muppets 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' (if it becomes shareable, believe me: I will share it.)

I kind of think this shirt is hilarious, although I cannot imagine wearing it.

This epic video essay about Los Angeles as it appears in films is now available as a DVD, and you can bet I'll be watching it.

I read this, sighed a deep, deep sigh, then did the math about what it would take to get those minutes in per week. I had a plan to go to the gym and begin whittling away at those minutes. But I was sick, as it turns out, so instead I took a hardcore nap. Tomorrow, for sure.

In conclusion, the historian just saved me from a giant moth that was strafing me and this blog post, causing me to shriek my patented moth shriek. He also saved the moth, so that makes him the Moth Savior of our house. He is the best.

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