Monday, June 08, 2015

June, morning and evening.

Today I ate pancakes for breakfast, went to school and worked on a little publication project with my friends, and saw Tomorrowland with my grandson. I ate (too much) popcorn. I made roasted green beans and melted Gouda on toast (thank you Anna!). But before I left the house in the morning, this is how the front yard garden looked.

It's going to get hot soon, so who knows how long this lushness will last? But I seriously cannot get over it. This evening, the historian was outside doing this and that. I came out and picked a few spent blooms from the nicotianas and marigolds.

Are you coming in soon? I asked him.

I am, he said. I only came out to wash the bird poop off my window, but then it was so nice... He straightened up. The little sprinkler was shedding its mist in the center of all of the above.

I know, I said.

Here's to cool evenings, a little sprinkler water, and roses blooming their heads off.

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  1. I love this post and I love this picture of your yard, which I also love. And of course, you, I also love you.



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