Thursday, June 04, 2015

Things I am currently loving.

1. Leftover roast potatoes, which can be turned into the most delicious hash (p.s. that link takes hash way more seriously than I do...but it looks delicious!). This hash can also be accompanied by
2. Roast asparagus spears and
3. Berries with just a little bit of sugar on them. Don't be sniffy--just a little!
4. The swoopy, swift, fluid passing of the Golden State Warriors, along with
5. Stephen Curry's baby face, and also
6. His darling baby girl.
7. Pink.
8. The pair of navy blue cigarette trousers that survived all the closet purges of recent years, and which got me through some anxiety today. Navy blue cigarette trousers back you up, yo.
9. The fact that, for the most part, these days I don't have to go looking for a grown up outfit to wear to meetings that make me anxious in advance.
10. The Publication Center at SLCC. It is so choice.
11. This website, and also this series of photos.
12. This song, don't judge.
13. The way the air feels so cool when we take Bruiser for his walk at night.

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