Tuesday, January 01, 2013

We come to a close.

Today we had our family dinner party. Our house was full of candles and lights and children and beloveds of all ages. As usual, I planned for too much food, but that also meant that there was plenty.

I cooked for three days--just a little on the two days ahead of today--and that meant that, while today was a busy day, it was also manageable. My sons came over and trimmed brussels sprouts, helped me put Christmas wrapping away, swept my floor, and chatted away while we worked.

When we went out at 10:30 to take Bruiser for a walk, I said to the historian, "Well, that's it. That's Christmas. The end."

We both laughed. "I guess so," he said.

It feels good to finish on such a lovely note. We've had a few ups and downs over the holidays, but they've been good nonetheless.

Notes on festive family dinner parties:

1. You really only need two pineapples. Don't panic on the morning of the party and buy an additional two. Or, go ahead. Pineapple is good.
2. Make as much food as you want, but remember that everyone won't eat a huge helping of everything.
3. Go ahead and light all the lights and burn all the candles.
4. Three desserts is not too many, but two would also be fine.
5. An excellent salad is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
6. Don't think twice about making something extravagant, like a crepe cake, that you've always wanted to make. It's fun! And try a new recipe. Try two! Or five!


  1. I WILL hold back on those 3rd and 4th pineapples. Thanks for the tip!

  2. A crepe cake? Impressive!

  3. Loved your party planning notes. I will keep the pineapple advice in mind. Very wise, HTMS.



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