Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My digital story.

I made this digital story in Denver last October, at a digital storytelling workshop. Since I'm working with other people on their digital stories, I thought I should share mine. It might be a little bit sentimental.

the conversation from lisab on Vimeo.

(p.s. you can make it bigger, and it sounds really good with headphones on.)


Sophia said...

Love. This made me cry ad I loved it.

MJ said...

Why do we have to apologize for sentiment? Love this. I wish you made a little video every week. That would make my week.

Walker Bickmore said...

Told you people would like it. I love it.

Ann said...

Wow. I loved everything about this--the images, the words, the music. Thank you for this loveliness.

Amelia said...

I loved this too. Sentiment isn't a bad thing!

gilian said...

I loved it too.


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