Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dear winter that I hoped for,

I remember very well, back in November, when I said I hope we have a cold, wet winter.

I also remember my reasoning:
  • if the winter is cold and wet, maybe we are reversing global warming? or maybe wishing for a cold, wet winter reverses the bad global warming karma?
  • a wet cold winter is, by definition, winter, and therefore to be accepted as only appropriate.
I think that was all the reasons. I think we can all see that the first reason is specious, although not without a supra-rational, wack-intuitive, magico-logical allure.

And yes, of course winter is supposed to be cold and wet.

But winter that I hoped for, I hope you won't be offended when I say: you didn't have to be so literal.

Please no more windshield scraping,


[point of clarification: I have loved the snow and I have loved this winter.] 


  1. I must still be 8, because I couldn't be happier about this winter. Oh, yes I could: more snow, more wet, more more more.

  2. I hope it stays wetter and maybe not colder so the air stays cleaner and the global warming goes away away away.

  3. I don't mind hearing about all that snow, but it's sure nice not to worry about having to drive in it.

    Of course, our thunderstorms and tornado warnings here in Georgia today are no picnic. :(

    Happy wintering, HT!

  4. Favorite phrase of the day: "supra-rational, wack-intuitive, magico-logical allure." Pretty awesome, HTMS.



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