Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday stats.

Weather: brumous

Music: whatever was in the background of The Good Wife and Downton Abbey. (This & this.) The song my son sang in the kitchen while he was making Chuckwagon (which is macaroni & cheese mixed with canned chili and grated cheese) after church.

Plans: to talk on the phone with my daughter in Scotland. To read the whole newspaper. (I would say I planned to clean and organize stuff, but I didn't plan it. However, I was seized by the desire to clean and organize. It was ruthless and ferocious. It was fearsome. It was wonderful and terrible. In the coat closet, no dust bunny &c &c was spared!)

Viewing: The aforementioned Downton Abbey and The Good Wife.
Comestibles: cookies? spaghetti and green beans and toast. And cookies.

Taking the long view: started working on my syllabus for one course. School is one whole week away! I can hardly see it, way off there in the future, its contours obscured by the mist and the brume.

Contemplating:  the dimensions of the semester to come. Even way off there in the future, looming and leering in the mist and the brume, it is starting to clarify, and it is scaring me.

Thought about, but did not: go to Target. 

Promised: to make my son breakfast tomorrow morning, because he starts classes at the U tomorrow. Sucker.

Mood: wintry. cabin-feverish. syllabus-adjacent. like shopping.

Tomorrow: Semester-launching breakfast. Possible movie. Definite syllabus-work.
Take down the Christmas tree? And more brume.

1 comment:

  1. Chuckwagon=gross
    But good for you and the clear out.



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