Friday, January 11, 2013

Parsing the snow.

First, one must ask: is it still coming down? If so, does it just look like sparkly dust? Or is it big fat flakes?

These are purely disinterested questions, since I'm not going out in it. I only have slippers on. Slippers and socks. That's not footwear for going out in. Not to check the accumulation, not to check the mail, not to see how cold it is. I'd rather surmise that business from the window, thank you.

Still snowing? Obviously this means I'd better find the warmest room in the house and take a little nap. And then, upon waking: it seems to be date night, but having not ventured further than the threshold, I have no idea whether it's feasible or advisable or any of the -bles to drive anywhere. While I'm still waking up, i.e. cranky, we discuss the execrable state of the restaurants in West Jordan, i.e., the places it might make sense to patronize on a snowy night when there's not enough accurate information about the roads. We discuss the relative merits of the farther-away Mexican restaurant as compared to the closer Mexican restaurant. The farther-away restaurant is, as would only make sense, the better restaurant. Better enchiladas, better chile rellenos.

We put on our better pants and got in the car.

And did the snow seem to be falling thicker and harder as we drove north and east? Did the roads seem to be more caked with snow? Did the advisability of the enterprise seem more and more doubtful?

Nonetheless we ate our rellenos and enchiladas and drove home. Were there tailgating, way-too-eager-to-pass jerks driving on State Street? Yes, there were. But did the snow seem to be falling more lazily, less urgently as we drove south and west? And were the roads just a little clearer? Yes. Yes, they were.

When we got home, we cruised the zillions of movie channels we seem to have a preview of at the moment and watched a movie while getting warmer under the blankets. I felt like a person in the olden days who needed one of those pans with coals in them to stay warm.  After that, it was time to go out for the last time. No snow coming down, but it was damned cold. After a block, Bruiser kept lifting up his paw. Sometimes this means there's a little piece of ice or salt, but tonight it just seemed to mean that it was just too cold.

Snow day: out.


  1. I want a snow like this but without the scary drivers. Here at least when it does snow everyone stays home and builds snowmen. I want that.

  2. Oh snow. You shaper of dreams.

  3. After reading your post I now understand what I've been missing and what it is that I therefore need: a better pair of pants.



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