Sunday, December 02, 2012

What to do with everything in your pantry.

If you have
  • various, slightly shabby-shabby looking farmer's market potatoes
  • some still virtuous greens, but looking back upon their day of sale from far away
  • garlic
  • leftover grated pecorino from a Thanksgiving day salad
  • a red grapefruit
  • some grapes
  • pomegranates whose skins are leathery
 you can make
  •  mashed potatoes with the skins still on, garlic (cooked with the boiling potatoes), and the pecorino
  • greens, cooked at a rather high heat in the oven with olive oil and garlic and salt and pepper
  • a lovely wintry fruit salad of the grapefruit, grapes, and pomegranates.
You will, however, have to gather the pomegranate seeds from hither and yon, and wipe up the juice from the floor and counter and yourself--it's possible you may have let those pomegranates sit on the counter a week too long.

Day Two, the Lights of Christmas Video Cavalcade!


  1. What fabulous ideas for using up the bits and bobs left over in one's pantry. Lately, mine have turned into soup and/or juice. I'll add salad to the list too!

    Happy last week of the semester to you, HT!

  2. You and I have very different pantries, HT.

  3. That all sounds delicious.



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