Monday, December 10, 2012

Target: another view.

I arrive home from an outing. It's 10 p.m. The historian is not home. He stomps the snow off his shoes about ten minutes later. He's been shopping for a birthday present for our now-2-year-old grandson:

Me: Hi there. Where've you been?

The historian: I went to Target. Lemme tell you, that was an ordeal.

Me: Yeah? (uncomprehending. But on second thought:)

The historian: I walked through aisle after aisle of . . . it was just full of wreck 'em sock 'em knock 'em fight 'em hit 'em . . .

Me: (thinking: if I had been there, I would have known how to lead him directly to all the gentle organic toys:) So what did you get?

The historian: This. (produces an enormous plush toy, a lion cub, pretty much as big as the kid in question.)

Me: Perfect.


  1. 10 o'clock at night? In the snow? With a lion? A hero that Historian is. I guess so are you, since you made it home just ten minutes prior.

  2. I love this story. It made me smile! We had a giant lion thing once, and my kids loved it.

  3. A successful shopping trip indeed! What kiddo wouldn't want a giant stuffed lion?

  4. i would have LOVED to see the historian in action . . .



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