Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ill Christmas.


I hate getting sick at the ends of semesters. However, it appears that it is the way of my life. Via dolorosa de mi casa, as it were. I remember one time, I was so sick at the end of the semester, my first husband and I took to our beds for what seemed like days. We arose from our bed of affliction to go to the mall the day before Christmas, so we would have a present for each other. When I saw some people dressed up like reindeer (can that be right? I was delirious), and I thought, I wish I had brought Prudence (our cat)--she would have loved this.

I'm not that sick this time. But I am all DayQuil'd up and trying to overlap the doses so there's no complete experience of how sick I really am at any time. Because that would be horrible. I can't even bear to contemplate it.

I'm almost done whining about it, hang on.

I did have to go into school to "teach" my last class. Then there was a meeting I chaired. By the end, I basically was walking around like The Empress of Contagion. I considered, briefly, stopping at a store on the way home, but the last shred of reason still firing in my brain told me NO.


  1. No fun. Sleep deep and get better soon.

  2. Bummer. Let me know if you try the new ZzzQuil. I am intrigued -- especially since the regular NyQuil knocks me flat out for 12+ hours.

    But mainly: sorry that you're not feeling well. I hope it doesn't last very long, and that we can have french fries and pie with our mutual friend soon.

  3. Awesome about the hulk though.



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