Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's the end of the semester, so

it must be time for a cold. Christmas lights spectacular and other festivities resume tomorrow, but in the meantime:

Open letter to the word "gift" used as a verb.

Dear the word "gift" used as a verb:

Nope. You are a noun. As in, "My mother gave me a gift on my birthday. It was a fluffy new scarf!"

Or "Here's a gift! It's for your birthday! It's a fluffy new scarf!"

Or even, metaphorically, "My gift is the ability to be catankerous about practically anything."

But not: "I plan to gift him with a fluffy scarf."

Or "He gifted me with a bucket of crawdads."

(Yes) "He is a highly gifted singer." (adjective)

(No) "He gifted me with a song." (verb)

(Yes) "He gave me a song for my birthday." (via iTunes, or else he's a song writer--either way. The verb is give.)

(No! Not remotely!) "Why don't you gift your best friend with a fluffy new song?"

(Yes! By all means) "Why don't you give your best friend a song-y new fluff?"

Don't you even, the word "gift" used as a verb. Just quit it. You make me want to stop giving people fluffy new stuff altogether.

--and that would be unChristmaslike,



  1. And someone gifted you a cold? That is truly wrong. You're the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through, HT. May you be back to your song-y and fluffy self in no time.

  2. What she said! You are pretty song-y and fluffy even when you're sick with a cold. But we still hope you get better fast.

  3. I would like you to gift me my song fluff gift wrapped please.



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