Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the world day.

Currently, I am making boiled cider syrup, which is, apparently, a grand New England cookery tradition. The recipe said it might take forever, or that it would seem like it was taking forever. And it does seem like it's taking forever. It's time to go for a walk. Also, I have to go to the store. But not until that damned cider thickens.

Me: The world might end tonight.

The historian: That's right. (pauses:) Have you picked out an outfit?

Today I made pumpkin seed brittle, infused some honey with spices, wrapped some caramels, bought Christmas presents for a passel of grandkids, held my granddaughter, made little gifs with my grandson, chatted with my daughters, watched halves of two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond with my son, discussed the merits of Lebron James, and boiled some cider. Which I am still doing. That's the end of the world, if it comes, in a nutshell. Hope I see you all tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like a pretty good way to end the world . . . just saying . . . Did you pick out your outfit yet? (Best response ever from the historian!)

  2. You are living the life, end of the world or not. I want to know more about this cider syrup. Complex-sounding.

  3. Nik: you could gussy it up, but all you do is just take a quantity of syrup and boil/simmer until it reduces to a syrup. It takes forEVer, but when it was done, it tasted like the very essence of apple. And I added absolutely nothing. I recommend it for an evening when you're doing nothing, or a lot of things, but at home. I'm really looking forward to using it.



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