Monday, December 17, 2012


You've heard of Zeno's Paradoxes?

Yeah, me too. Although I only thought there was one. And I didn't remember that it had belonged to "Zeno," whoever he was. Actually, what I did was search for this:

Because that is how grading is right now. Zeno is a rat bastard.

I am super, super, super, super close. But the closer I get, the more infinitessimal the tasks get. Like: I have ten more exams to grade. (EXAMS. Didn't I become an English teacher so I wouldn't have to give exams? And of course I'm giving the type of exam where I have to be like Solomon and make judgement calls, instead of making a Scantronic-robofied (TM) test, where the Scantron reader would spit out the remark: 'HA! That is no f*@$ing object complement!')

Right: just ten more exams. But then I have to manually and delicately feed in the scores because I didn't set it up quite right in Canvas...and the comments that must be given to the people...I can see the end, I can see it, but I can only get halfway there with each step I take.

Right, that was a fun little escapade. Well, the grades will be in on time come hell or high water, as we say around here: so there may be a tiny bit of slapdashery involved. Slapdashery may be inevitable. But it will be infinitessimal slapdashery. No one will be able to see it, except me.


  1. Oh gosh. As I've said to you before, I am grateful for many things at this time of year. Christmas trees. Cheese balls. And the fact that I don't have to grade final exams.

  2. A little slapdashery never hurt anyone--especially your slapdashery. boy, I like that word.

  3. If said slapdashery were to benefit your students, I think they could be convinced to forgive it.



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