Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Status updates: Boxing Day edition.

Weather: snowy and snowier, especially as we drove south and then turned around. Because: too snowy.

Music: Fred Hersch, Alive at the Vanguard (played at home on the stereo).

Plans: to drive south and see the historian's son's family in Lehi. Denied (see: Weather.)

Viewing: Les Miz (with my daughters. Full of singing?). Rerun of Modern Family (with the historian. Still funny). The Jazz game (WOE.).

Comestibles: leftovers: spinach and fontina strata, Chinese food, fruit salad, green salad. Cookies of all stripes. Frosted Mini-Wheats.

After the fact: baked the rest of the cookie dough still chilling out in my fridge--date-nut pinwheels and sugar cookies, cut into stars and holly leaves and Christmas trees. Even though Christmas is over and we opened all the presents.

Contemplating: the family dinner we have planned for New Years Day. What will I make? I kind of feel like it should just be sandwiches. And maybe potato chips. Would that be wrong?

Thought about, but did not: stop in at Target on my way home from the movie.

Shocking: how tired I am and how I could not fall asleep last night.

Mood: a little sleep deprived, frankly.

Footwear: slippers. socks. work boots for the late-night dog walk.

note: it is almost the end of 2012, so I owe the readers of this blog
  1. a list of the movies I saw this year, along with my big important opinions on them.
  2. possible other lists.
  3. a short reflective essay on the "Blogging Every Day in the Year 2012" project.
Just want you to know I haven't forgotten.


  1. Selfish me. I want you to blog every day in 2013, okay?

  2. I second that comment, Ann!

  3. Did you know that really Christmas isn't over until January 6th? The 12 Days of Christmas just begin with Christmas Day. I think Christmas cookies are entirely appropriate for at least another. Especially if you have snow.

    And potato chips and sandwiches -- aren't they traditional? Or ought to be.



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