Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy belated birthday.

It's my blog's birthday--turning seven years old this month. That's 1472 posts and 60,000 (and change) page views (only about 30% of which are probably mine, from when I was constantly refreshing to see if anyone had left any comments).

Here's my very first post. And here are a few of my personal favorites:

Open letter to my bed: "Oh my darling clementine, my bed, you are, at the end of a day like today one of the brightest ideas ever to issue forth from the mind of humankind."

The historian quotes scripture: "Historian: Slow to anger and quiet as an . . . owl? And wise as . . . a goat."

Open letter to my proclivity for complaint: "The barbarians are at the gate, and by God, they eat off dirty dishes, the ones that were supposed to be clean."

Me and Almost Famous had brunch together: "Also, Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous looks almost exactly the same as I did in my yearbook picture, junior year."

California sketches: "Also, [my] quick-witted friend, the birthday girl, happens to know where cake is to be obtained."

To the desert:  "I am thinking about diversion a lot, because I realize, what I've been seeking to be diverted from is my life, my actual life."

Like a heartbeat baby trying to wake up: "Sometimes, this little bit of the song keeps me awake at night, because I myself need something more sub sub sub substantial."

Muffin, I presume: "A muffin is not a cupcake. It is a quick bread, which means that, categorically, it has more in common with the scone, the biscuit, the rusk, than it does with any form of cake. It is a wholesome food, falling on the plain side of the plain/fancy spectrum."

Without peer: "Yes, the people, I was brought to tears over a Coke in a west side Mexican restaurant because my husband offered to take me to the mall."

Clam chowder: requiem for a dream: "There it sat, looking like the paragon of chowder, clam-filled and potato-y and even a little creamy. Why was it so nasty? Why?"

Thanks, everyone, for reading along with me all these years. 


  1. Happy birthday, Hightouch! Thanks for all the beautiful words.

  2. Happy blog birthday. I hope you know your blog is the standard by which I measure all blogs. You keep me posting!

  3. Dear HTMS,

    YOU are my darling clementine. Thanks for the happiness and inspiration. Happy birthday.


  4. Does this mean you're going to bring me a muffin?

  5. Happy Birthday Megastore!

  6. Happy birthday HTMS. Here's to many more!

  7. It is strange, knowing your voice mostly the writing, to feel that The Desert is especially true to your voice. I loved reading that post -- and laughed again to read your letter to the bed. I'm glad you keep writing!



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