Saturday, March 03, 2012

Scenes from the Reading Terminal Market.

Across from our hotel is the Reading Terminal Market. Said to have been established in 1892, it is also said to be America's oldest continuous farmer's market. I walked around in a sleep-deprived haze, and plotted the many breakfasts and lunches I might happily have there, and also bought a piece of rose geranium pound cake at the Metropolitan Bakery, which on the one hand did not seem remotely redolent of rose geranium, a disappointment that was almost entirely softened by the fact that it was, on the other hand, a darn good pound cake, full stop.

down a concourse in the Reading Terminal Market.

This is candy. Pretty, pretty candy.

At the risk of being obvious,
these are emu eggs. $10.00 each.

one of about a zillion food purveyors in the Market.

At dinner.
Our server: Can I bring you anything? More bread?
(there is still bread in the basket. but we are hungry.)
Me: Sure. It'll be our back-up bread.


  1. Oh how I would cherish a stroll through that lovely, lovely market! Thanks for sharing the pics, htms.

  2. That does look like a lovely stroll.

  3. For 40 years I didn't realize that the Reading RR in Monopoly was actually THIS Reading, as in Reading, Pennsylvania, and thus pronounced REDDING, as in "Take a Ride on the Redding."

    Who knew?

  4. Emu eggs! To eat? or just to admire? Love market tours, even vicarious.



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