Friday, March 30, 2012

Today in pictures.

this is the test print. it worked.
we will have a chapbook.
Today began with struggle: to get up, to get motivated for the day, to fit in all the things that needed to happen in class. When you meet just one day a way, and you're in the thick of a project, sometimes your so-called "lesson plan" is as grass, in the Biblical sense, i.e., it is toast.

But then, sometimes good things come of the lesson plan
that came to naught. For instance, the layout works and the students talking to the printer make the transition from layout to document that will print the way it's supposed to. Which means that we have a go on our thick project, i.e., we have a chapbook.
"I triumphed over Adobe."

This is the person who made the layout work. She is a student and she has a bright future ahead of her.
The bright sun signifies that things
got a little hazy. You can see that, right?

Now, after that triumph, things get hazy. I know I ate a sandwich, and I know I went to a meeting, and then another meeting. I also know that I went to Tulie and had a cookie with an old friend, and then I drove downtown to have dinner with the historian. And then: a movie.

We saw Salmon Fishing on the Yemen. It was basically Big Miracle, but on the Yemen. With salmon instead of whales. Frankly, I loved it. Don't judge. Ewan MacGregor = good.

who knows what manner of false blossom? 

Also, it is spring. Which makes all of the above feel a little more blissful.


  1. Thank you. I feel like I walked through all those pictures with you. Spring!

  2. stI hoped you would have a picture of the wind and then I would say, "Oh, that's how you take a picture of wind."
    But I don't judge. Who can judge?

  3. How did we blog without phones that had cameras? Lovely pictures!

  4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's weather, nor her climate, nor her early blossoms false though they may be . . .



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