Monday, March 26, 2012

Birds of America.

When I look at all the pictures I've taken over the last few years, they fall into the following categories:

  1. grandchildren
  2. children
  3. the historian
  4. flowers
  5. the sky
  6. birds
  7. graffiti and street signs
  8. art
I'm not sure I have any explanation for these categories, or if I need one. I love these pictures, in all the categories, and looking through them is a window into what that day was like--that particular sky, the light, the location, the specific birds. I also feel a certain exhilaration in capturing a bird, any bird, in the frame. Even if the capture is blurry--it conveys speed. 

Palm Canyon

Tanager (Idaho)

Tanager (Idaho)

L.A. River, Glendale Narrows

Palm Canyon 

Along the river walk, L.A. River, Glendale Narrows

Palm Canyon

L.A. River, Glendale Narrows

L.A. River, Glendale Narrows

Island Park, Idaho

Harriman State Park, Railroad Ranch Bridge


Amelia said...

I feel like there is a category of bird missing here, your birds of major cities in train stations theme.

radagast said...

Beautiful pics, HTMS. Thanks for fully illuminating this quarter of the year for us.

Renaissance Girl said...

I feel the same way about airplanes. Just saw an exhibit by this guy:

Nik said...

I would like to see one of these Idahoan tanager.

Ann said...

Love. Thank you.


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