Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I really, really want.

Today, after rummaging in my purse for this and that and the other thing, I obtained my two (2!) notebooks and maybe a pen, and then, while rummaging in one or the other of the notebooks for some, you know, notes, I found this list:

The above says WHAT I REALLY REALLY WANT (sorry for the reverse view), and the rest of the list goes like this:

  • a new car--My New Camry. [< this was in the dark days (after the carwreck, before the purchase of MNC).] 
  • plant tulips. [< done.]
  • go to Venice in the wintertime 
  • desert
  • house/yard in order for winter
  • cooler cover
  • lightbulbs
  • tulips
  • another lamp in BR
vacuum cleaner
sweep in BR
wash couch covers once a week

[ goes on like this for quite awhile. Can it be that what I really really want is lightbulbs? a cooler cover? to sweep in BR? what madness is this? ...]

oven--other stove element
4 burner tops
light over stove?

[SRSLY. ...but wait, new category:]

desert house
Anasazi trip
Mississippi River

Thank goodness for that second list! 

Apparently, what I really really want on the one hand is an orderly house, with a stove with four burners and a light over it, and on the other hand, I really really want to gallivant, but mainly in America.

But today what I really really really wanted was this:
  • to go home and take off my shoes.
  • to have my grading be done.
  • to have Mexican food show up at my doorstep.
  • to have one magical day appear between Wednesday and Thursday, a day that no one knows about, a day that is not on any calendars.
  • and come to think about it, to have a stove with four burners and a light over it.
Also, probably,
  • an iPad.


  1. Yes, I need that extra day for grading, which is sad, because that day really should be for movies and tea and scones, etc.

  2. I was just thinking I wish you'd tell me what you want what you really really want, glad its not a zig a zig ah.... (spice girl reference, for the win!

  3. I am hoping the extra magic day comes your way. Also, a trip to Venice in the winter = awesome.

  4. Here's to orderliness AND gallivanting! I love your lists.

  5. Have I mentioned how much I love le chat de la banner? And all that lovely pink -- puts me in a good mood whenever I come by!



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