Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Things to like.

Looking at these. And also this.

Reading this and thinking about this, upcoming.

Dreaming about visiting here in May, and definitely here, and maybe also here. And hanging out with these people.

Drinking this, one of the only pleasures of a long plane ride.

Looking forward to reading this, whenever I am caught up with grading.

Eating a shrimp enchilada here, even though when we went into the restaurant, they said, "Do you have a reservation?"  in a room full of empty tables, then turned to us before seating us, and said, "You do know you have to bring your own bottle, and it's cash only?" and we were all, "........okay?" and then on the menu it said "Each person must order a minimum of $18 worth of food," and when we asked if we could have separate checks, our server said, "That's not possible," when, come on--is math not possible in such a snooty restaurant? That's how good that shrimp enchilada was--it made that snootiness an amusing anecdote instead of insufferable.

Coming home.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts on your blog! Somehow, it makes sense for a restaurant named Lolita to be both snooty and delicioso. Ahh, life's mysteries. I especially love the pictures of the wee ones and the historian. :)

  2. no mom. NO. HUNGER GAMES. HUNGER GAMES is your next book. I will badger until you read. so read! :) that is all. :P



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