Sunday, December 18, 2011

Me and Almost Famous had brunch together at the Oasis, but I still don't have a Christmas tree.

Yesterday, at the Oasis, I saw Patrick Fugit. I had to put on my glasses to double check. I said to my companion Kati, "I'm not sure, but I think that's Patrick Fugit!"

She put on her glasses and said, "That is Patrick Fugit!"

Now, Patrick Fugit and I go way back. He plays, basically, the doppelganger of Cameron Crowe in Almost Famous, a movie I love because it's basically about my life, if I had been a boy and had started writing for Rolling Stone when I was 15. But Cameron Crowe and I are almost the exact same age and really essentially have lived the same life. (if I had become a writer for Rolling Stone and gone on to direct movies such as Almost Famous. A movie I love. I think you can see my point here. CC=LisaB., but for minor differences barely worth pointing out.) Also, Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous looks almost exactly the same as I did in my yearbook picture, junior year. My daughter tells me that I look like Almost Famous, which only makes sense, given all of the above.

Speaking of this daughter: a few months ago, due to the vagaries of luck, fate, etc., she got to go to L.A. and stay at the Chateau Marmont with her niece. I made her promise me that she would text me all her celebrity sightings:

"janice dickinson looking like an old paper bag at the polo lounge at the beverly hills hotel."
"jessica lange checking out next to us!" [me: how'd she look?  daughter: she looked old and beautiful.]
"ryan phillipe and his two kids at fred segal."
"just now we rounded out the trip with mischa barton."
"at the pool with the world's most annoying actor john leguizamo."
"dining across from elizabeth moss. also kevin dillon. both smoking up a storm."

So I think we can all agree that when I spotted Patrick Fugit at the Oasis, I owed my daughter a text. But when I reached for my phone, this text was waiting for me, as if preemptively:

"You have five hours to get a tree before I show up with a fake tree. This is for real."

To which I replied:

"I am at the Oasis and almost famous, aka Patrick Fugit, is here! Take that, Chateau Marmont! (p.s., I am getting a tree for reals tomorrow.)

To which she replied:

"Tomorrow! If you have time to be star struck you have time to get a tree! (Tell him he looks like you as a teenager.)"


  1. This post is awesome. GET A TREE!!!

  2. cool. celebrity siting. awesome!

  3. I do believe that there is a tree at your house now, yes?

    PS the only reason we harrass you about the tree so hard is because we know you LOVE having one. And I think you waited so long because you are trying to get this one to stay up til Valentines day. Or beyond.

  4. You are Almost Famous to me!

  5. Celebrity sightings! How old is that guy now? I never would have recognized him.



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