Saturday, December 17, 2011

Enough with the not posting.

Here's what I've been doing:

1. getting ready to grade
2. chasing after rainbows, by which I mean the chimerical student with his/her final project(s)/exams in hand, trying to entice him/her to give it up already so I can grade it.
3. grading
4. watching Glee (old episodes) while grading
5. thinking about baking
6. hacking off slices of caramel from the batch I cooked just a wee bit too long
7. contemplating AGAIN the purchase of a Christmas tree which protraction of a joyful event leaches pleasure from it WHY do I do this every year WHY?

But anyway.

Soon my family will descend upon mi casa and that will be fun whether I'm ready for it or not.


  1. That is the good thing. Christmas and family come whether you're ready or not. We bought a 2' tree at Big Lots for $8.40, if that's any kind of consolation. It's blue. Very blue.



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