Saturday, March 07, 2009

Without peer.

Tonight we saw The Class, which is pretty much the best film I have ever seen about teaching, classrooms, students, and education as a social enterprise.  Everyone should run to see it, as fast as you can, so we can all talk about it.

This was but one activity in a pretty much terrific Saturday that involved: 
  • a long and loving reading of the sports pages, post the Jazz win, with
  • muffins, after which 
  • a walk with the dog under a perfectly clear, perfectly blue sky, and then
  • dropping clothes off and picking clothes up at the cleaners, and then
  • buying vegetables and eggs from Chad and Chad's dad, followed by
  • a lunch with the historian's son and his family, which led to 
  • visits to several furniture consignment stores at which we were looking for nothing at all, and 
  • a visit to Ken Sanders, then
  • the movie, after which we drove to the Red Iguana which had scads of people milling around waiting to get in, so we skedaddled along Redwood Road, and had
  • dinner at a new-to-us Mexican restaurant.  
Just as we were sipping (in my case, guzzling) the last of our Cokes, the historian said to me: "I wonder how late that new Nordstrom is open?"  

I said I figured it'd be open till 9.  

He said, "Would it be okay if, after we finish here, we went and looked around a little bit?"

The historian does not like to shop, a dislike which extends to pretty much all places where shopping takes place, such as department stores, malls, and department stores located in malls. But he loves me, which is why this brought tears to my eyes.  Yes, the people, I was brought to tears over a Coke in a west side Mexican restaurant because my husband offered to take me to the mall.  So we went, and it was glorious and shiny, and then we came home, to find that West Jordan took the 5-A state championship, which I find absurdly gratifying.  Actually, I taught their coach in an Intro to Lit class at the University.  I'm pretty sure, therefore and ergo, that I had A LOT to do with their victory tonight.  Boo ya!


  1. A lovely day from top to bottom. And i adore the way you told us about it.

    West High won 4A which I also found absurdly gratifying, even though I was sitting there in my green shirt on the PHS side.

    What a fine day.

  2. Wow. That is fantastic. A husband who suggested the Nordstrom? That thought, in his kind head, that that might be kind of fun for you?(That was a lot of thats and kinds.
    So. You say the new Nordstrom is open. I think I have a Nordstrom credit card somewhere.....
    Did you buy anything?

  3. The Historian is lovely. We were at the mall last weekend, when we had to walk all the way around it, so I'm glad it's open and I wish they had swimsuits that would fit me AND actually look good.
    I can't wait to see the movie so we can discuss it.

  4. If I make errors here it is because I'm busy dabbing my eyes. The Historian is my hero. For that matter, so is his wife.

  5. this is the greatest post. it makes me deliriously happy. the historian rules.

    i think i tutored the wjhs coach in math, if it's the one who's my age.

  6. Wow, he offered to go to the mall?? That, is love. What a perfect day! I don't think Drew has actually ever suggested we go to the mall before(he hates all stores.. maybe it's hereditary.. lol). I would have also cried.

    And I love that you said boo ya. We say that at my house too.

  7. I can't wait to see that movie!

  8. I love your joy in life - !



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