Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slow down hurry up.

On Friday, we took a grandson to lunch for his sixth birthday. A few weeks earlier, he was trying to slow down time, since he was thoroughly enjoying being five and not too sure about six--trying, in his words, to "save himself from six." (Quixotically, however, he also wants to "fast forward to Christmas.")

The people: I am interested in saving myself from spring--we are on the cusp of it, today a delicious day, just on the cusp of it. I have seeds I've purchased that I'm going to plant: lettuces, kale, peas, sweet peas, poppies, larkspur. I like that there's still a chill in the air. I like that it's too soon yet to wear flip flops, shorts, bare legs--but it's almost here. I would like to pause

while this moment lasts and lasts and lasts.

This desire to linger has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that time rushing by means that the elapsing of sabbatical time also rushes. Nothing whatsoever.


  1. What a lovely post--and terrific photo, too!

    When I was a little six-year old girl iin the hospital (yes! so Victorian!) my dad used to come visit me on his lunch hour. I would hold onto his wrist and watch his watch and try to WILL IT TO STOP so he wouldn't leave. Generally speaking, I was unsuccessful in this endeavor.

  2. Love that photo.

    Smart kid. I'd want to slow it down, too.

    Ann, I loved your story.

  3. Me, too. Me, too. (Photo. Post.)

    Here I have hyacinths opening just a single floweret - the rest of the stalk still buttoned up tight against the rain.

    Ann, I especially love that last sentence in your story - that sometimes maybe - briefly - you made the watch hold off and your dad stayed and stayed . . .

  4. Here's how sick I am. I am already dreading the end of the summer break that hasn't even started yet.

  5. Today was pristine weather. Still chilly, but warm enough to wear a light sweater and take a long walk in the evening.

  6. There is something about this post and your most recent that share a common thread. Where is that kitchen table, plate of shortbread, pot of mint tea? Time to discuss.



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