Friday, March 06, 2009

In basketball news.

1.  I love Deron Williams.  Love. Him.
2. I love Charles Barkley because he loves, has faith in, and believes in the Jazz.
3.  I want it on record that I am still holding a grudge against George Karl because he disrespected Karl Malone's game back in the day.
4.  I am so glad Boozer is back and playing like he means it.
5.  C.J. Miles hits back to back threes!
6.  Brewer plays out of his mind!
7.  Kirilenko uses his freakish arm length to snag balls!
8.  Paul Millsap is a consummate pro.

In conclusion, the Utah Jazz won.  We ate Girl Scout cookies (Do Si Dos, Thin Mints, and Dulce de Leches, courtesy of singing son), potato chips, and drank Coca Cola.  We listened to Jerry Sloan's regular grumpy post-game discussion and we registered all the players soberly acknowledging that these last ten games mean nothing--nothing!--if they can't win on the road. And we rejoiced.

Also of note:  the West Jordan Jaguars are in the 5-A finals for the state championship.  Go go go Jaguars!  And now, good night.

I said:  Good Night.



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