Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful information. (apologies to Mr. Tufte)

I ran across an article on Slate about Ben Huh, Internet boy genius who thought up I Can Has Cheezburger and other meme-related sites, including GraphJam, a site in which people graph unlikely topics (relationship of money and troubles, stuff your parents lecture you about, etc.). The article led me to this fantastic flickr set, Song Chart Meme. Here is "I Will Survive," as a timeline (click to see a larger version):

made by metacub
Originally uploaded by boyshapedbox.

Make sure to look at the rest of the set: it's genius. Oh, fine, just one more:

made by sultmhoor
Originally uploaded by boyshapedbox.


  1. I must admit that I looked at icanhazcheezburger for the first time this week and laughed more than a grown woman ought to. Seriously.

  2. You made my day!



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