Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For Lent.

Me (there are Reese's flavored Easter eggs on a television commercial): That's right, it's almost Easter.

The historian: That's why, when I stopped at the 7-Eleven on my way home for a bottle of Coke, except I bought Dr. Pepper instead, at the cash register, I said to myself, "That's a Cadbury egg," and I bought one and ate the whole thing in the car.

Me: So you think that's fine, eating Easter candy now? Even though it's Lent?

Historian: Well . . .

Me: I guess you don't really observe Lent.

Historian: No, actually, I'm giving up texting for Lent.

Me: [mirth]

Historian: Also, the desire to text.

Me: [mirth redoubled]

Historian: Also, . . . what is that? Twittering.


  1. that's funny. who knew the historian was such a closet texter and twitter-er? haha

  2. The Historian has serious wit. His wit stung me good (but in a nice playful historian kind of way) in our recent school curriculum mtg.

  3. I wish the Historian would twitter, in that dry historian way he has. Not those dull, empty twitters of Demi and Kutcher.
    But something like "What did Marx say about the Cadbury Egg? Oh yes. It's the opiate of the masses."

  4. If Papa John did twitter it would also be things like, "Ohhhh reeeeeeeeeallly" We like it when he says that. Also he could twitter "Currently being bedecked by stickers by two half scottish children" He was such a good sport.

  5. is lent always associated with chocolate? And I believe it; John texts me incessantly. This will be a nice break for both of us.

  6. Twitter is the new chocolate. Cadbury eggs are fine. DMing with @HotStewart and @blahgirls, not so much.



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