Thursday, March 19, 2009

Questions & statements.

1. Can anyone give me one good reason I shouldn't dye a pair of white jeans brilliant yellow? Because I'm going to.

2. Question: What is the best M&M? Answer: Almond is the best M&M.

3. I need an agenda. I need some agendas. I need a lot of agendas. Or, possibly, I may need to drastically improve my character.

5. A year of wearing mostly comfortable shoes renders uncomfortable shoes exponentially more uncomfortable.

6. Today, we have to save capitalism. We can dismantle it later.

7. Some people describe some artists as mere technicians, but technique is really never mere.

8. I speak very, very fluent Spanish. (not true at all. A big fat lie, in fact. But a quotation from Stevie Wonder, so in that sense, true.)

9. (conversation at a gelato stand in Geneva:)
Qu'est-ce que c'est "cannelle"?
Cannelle? C'est--c'est cannelle!
(cannelle is cinnamon, a fact which momentarily escaped the customer, hence the question.)

Any more questions? or statements? Please! I'm not sure why you think I could help you.


  1. I agree with number 2.

    My question to you is, "if I close my eyes real tight and make a wish, will spring break get here faster?"

  2. I completely agree with the shoe thing. high heels are hell.



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