Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Highlight reel.

Today's list of good things:
  • after having misplaced it for a couple of years, I was relieved to find that my friend had my copy of The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics.
  • the workshop I have been putting together on avant-garde poetry (symbolist, futurist, dada, surrealist, constructivist . . . -ist) of the early 20th century went smashingly at the first meeting this evening.
  • when we took our walk, Bruiser and I did not get blown away by the gust-a-licious wind that's been blowing in our town.
  • buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.
  • I have a plan to visit my mom and dad soon.
  • lots of salty crunchy snacks around the house.
  • I had important insights when I was in California about some of my poems.
  • the historian and I ate breakfast at Clint Eastwood's. Because we're very close friends with Clint. Or because he has a restaurant and inn in Carmel.
  • excellent episode of Damages.
  • strawberry ice cream.
  • the Jazz won tonight, and Boozer played big. Huge. Very, very large.
  • I know so much more about the early 20th c. avant-garde amongst French and Russian poets than I did before, say, yesterday.
  • because I am done with the workshop for the week (just 2 more meetings!), I can now go read a detective novel like it is my job.


  1. About the wind. I am glad you and Bruiser didn't blow away.

    In case you were wondering, if you happened to be a 3 year old wearing your older brother's larger sized $5 cheap-o sandals (Walmart's version of Crocs).. and you are walking rather quickly to pick up your older brother from school (because you're running late) and one sandal comes off.. it WILL blow away.

    Who knew.

    I then had the pleasure of running after it while holding Kaitlyn who was gasping for non-gust-a-licious air all while the 3 year old was :-O and screaming because I was running away from him.

    Just sayin'.

  2. I hope your poetry insights were smart and happy ones, informed by prep for your avant garde poetry class and by the salty sea.

    I'm quite envious of both that class and your salty snacks.

  3. All I can think of now are salty snacks. I must go procure some. Stat.
    And what poetry class? I think I need it. No, I DO need it.

  4. A list a day from you would make my life easier. Good stuff.



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