Monday, May 11, 2009

The historian quotes scripture. Plus bonus video.

Me: . . . because I'm at an age where sleep is harder to come by.

Historian (doesn't understand this alien language I'm speaking): Really?

Me: But you don't have any problem sleeping, do you? That's because you have the good temperament.

Historian: That's right. Saint John the Good.

Me: Good temperament, I said. Besides, you are good. You're not venal.

Historian: As opposed to you. You wouldn't say you're venal, would you?

Me: I sure am. I am quick to anger and consumed with envy.

Historian: Just the opposite of what you're supposed to be.

Me: (quick to wrath, therefore fuming)

Historian: You're supposed to be . . . what is it the Book of Mormon says?

Me: . . .

Historian: Slow to anger and quiet as an . . . owl? And wise as . . . a goat.

Me: Wise as a goat.

Historian: . . . or maybe that's the Bible, but not translated correctly.

New video:


  1. I found that interesting. Not solely for the reason to see that Malt o Meal do the frosted mini wheats in a giant bag. I am currently addicted to these. And jealous you can buy them in a bag, and I cannot!

  2. I want the scriptures the Historian reads. Good story arc and all that.

  3. I love the conversations with the Historian.

    And while I've heard bits of news on NPR that are not good at all about your friend, the poet, I can only hope that no news is still good news when it comes to that running son of yours.

  4. Wow, I love the video--so thought-provoking. I'd give you a sabbatical just based on this video. Many lines which will stick with me as I'm headed out to buy plants for the garden: "embroidering a figure on my own life" and "a homemade life" and then wondering if this focus on buying stuff is a "shortcut."

    Our desires, it seems, are constructed and pre-packaged and sold back to us. But maybe that's always what happens even with more "real" things like people or nature or a good book.

  5. wise as a goat - I can't make a comment because I am still thinking.

    The goats around these parts would enjoy all the market goods you show, and even the bright-colored boxes would look lip-smacking, but they would have eaten them before thinking about them. Does that make us bipeds wiser, or less?

  6. I told my son that I was an omnivore when it comes to reading. He said, "No, Mom. You're a goat." Is that relevant to this conversation. I also love goat cheese and goat yogurt.



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