Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's what I want.

Lately, the historian and I have been talking about money. A lot. It turns out the historian is thinking about retirement which means--why is this?--that we need to think about how we spend money (as opposed to just spending it, which I think we'll all agree is preferable, especially if there's an endless supply, which, come to think of it, we don't have, haven't ever had, we should probably have been talking about this sooner!). This is good (I keep telling myself).

So right now, we talk about almost every purchase with an eye toward (a) not crossing the threshold we're shooting for, and (b) figuring out how our little schema with its thresholds works. So, for instance, are the presents we bought for a new baby part of the "Gifts" budget? or is it part of the "Miscellaneous Expenditures" budget, since it's not one of the gifts designated in the gifts budget? Yes, this way lies madness, especially when you're paying the cashier at Target and thinking, if it comes out of the miscellaneous budget, that really cramps our miscellaneous style!

This is good (I keep telling myself). The flowers I bought and planted this weekend, and also tomatoes, basil, and other herbs, belong in the "Miscellaneous Expenditures" budget, although I'm thinking of advancing the idea that "miscellaneous" needs to be deconstructed into "Household" and "Car" and other stuff that will make the categories less all-encompassing and therefore less likely to make me feel like there is no money to buy, say, nail polish. Or earrings.

In the meanwhile, I made another movie. For free (sort of--if you don't count internet access, or amortize the iMac and its splendid software, or my camera, etc. etc. etc. we've spent all the money and we're never going to be able to afford to go to France). This one is about Bruiser, and he is in the frame at every point! Technical advance!

And now, a few questions for Bruiser. from lisab on Vimeo.


  1. If Bruiser could answer the literacy and technology question, it would be most helpful since that relates to my DFL.

    Thanks Bruiser in advance for me. In fact, can Bruiser just go ahead and give the lecture for me.

    I'll keep the Kindle, though.

  2. "what actor would you like to play you when they make the movie of your life?"
    love that!
    the video was awesome! i miss that puppy!!!
    and i enjoyed your budget "cuts" :D

  3. love combination of deep probing questions with the mundane and even silly (really like: who's your daddy?) thanks for this.

  4. Two more questions, one of which I must apologise for in advance:

    Where's your head at?
    Who let the dogs out?

    (This reminded me of one of my favourite guardian columns that interviews celebs purely in song titles and quotes.)
    Great video though, a very calm Bruiser I must say. (PS What do you think the people driving by were thinking? Would love to know the internets thoughts on that!)

  5. growing up seems to progressively suck.



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