Wednesday, May 06, 2009

If this is what going back to work is like, then you can take it.

--aaaaaaand shove it. For example, today involved:
  • waking up effectively hungover from lack of sleep, due to sudden, insidious late night cough.
  • interviewing two potential student editors of the student litmag for next year. Which I will be faculty advisor for next year (how did this happen, Dr. Write?).
  • lunch with a grandson who turned four today. (This involved noodles and hilarious conversation: Grandson: You know what? Me: What? Grandson: Papa, say what.).
  • another potential student editor.
  • taking part in the discussion team as part of my new, should-have-said-no responsibility for next year (thanks, former faculty leader! No, really.).
  • reception for retiring colleagues (actually, there were cupcakes, so this one was all right).
  • home to collapse.
  • put on excessively shiny skirt and high heels to go out again, to an evening school event with historian. Also lipstick. Also mascara.
  • home to collapse, or actually to report this information on my day, and then collapse.
I need to check my pulse to see if I am still having my sabbatical. I think I am, but the evidence is curiously contradictory.

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