Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Progress reports.

1. Meadow: coming along splendidly. We have wild geranium, flax, columbine growing in amongst the thatch. As long as we keep things not too tall, we should continue to advance on this project.

2. Last year's re-scaping of half the front lawn: I am not bragging when I say: gorgeous. The roses are all lustrous-leafed and full of foliage. The clematis is a dark slightly bronze-y red, and the flowers just busted out today. The flax are both tidily instantiated where we planted them, and promiscuously sowing their wild oats (as it were)--as it should be. The things that aren't blooming yet are showing great promise of blooming. It is so beautiful. Update: see for yourself!

3. Manuscript: I read the whole thing aloud yesterday. I have some new insights into it and can see where there are non-functional repetitions that I can get rid of, a sense of what needs to be revised, how it can be streamlined, etc.

4. My relationship with Final Cut Express: we had an argument today. I will come back to it tomorrow to see if I can make amends, or else smack it around till it sees reason.

5. The Western Conference Finals: Why did Denver have such lousy free-throw shooting? Why will national announcers never shut up about the mystery of the fabulousness of the Lakers? Progress: Denver better treat this as a wake-up call and get it together, or they will rue the day they lost this winnable game in L.A.

6. The Eastern Conference Finals: LeBron James was manufactured by brilliant biotechnicians in super-secret lab funded by the NBA and the Trilateral Commission. Dwight Howard was constructed in a super-secret lab on a space station orbiting the Planet Dunkitron, by aesthetically gifted robots. I cannot imagine how this series will turn out.

7. Consumption of cultural goods: I am currently undergoing a big fat spate of nostalgia, in which I purchased music I listened to in the 70s. It is so choice. I highly recommend it. I am reading this and have reserved this at the library. We saw this and this this weekend--both good, the first a little more than the second.

I hope there will be a movie tomorrow featuring the flying insects that catch the light at dusk at the Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. Check back to see. Good night, and good luck.


  1. Way to go for slipping the Ferris quote in. Made me smile.
    Love you.

  2. Once again I have completely ignored basketball since the Jazz have been out of it--well nearly. When I heard Houston took LA to 7 games, I got secretly excited.

    I may come back for the finals, but I absolutely refuse to watch that team play with the sound up on the TV, however.

  3. Final Cut issues abound... Maybe I can be of some help?

  4. now that I dropped out of summer school, I am going to start revisiting my book and changing it. I'm really looking forward to it!

  5. I may call upon you, Condiment. Right now I am mostly encouraged that I have been able to navigate the lexicon and (it must be said) the help manual to solve my own problems, which are (it must be said) pretty rudimentary. Do you have a 24 hour helpline?

  6. Lisa b.: Signifying nothing has help line. Haven't you noticed?

  7. I must: drive by and view, in person, the meadow and rescape; immediately get me some of that clematis; encourage, nay, demand that my daughter either make or teach me how to make a trellis from willow boughs for my new clematis to climb; find me some of that music of my youth.

    Enjoy that movie.



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