Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Half-assed, or maybe even less than that.

So, today I was working on a little video project about technique and craft, and it was so far my longest project and my most ambitious conceptually (although not videographically), and I was going to render it--with its voiceover and music and video--and Final Cut Express just basically refused to do it. It would render exactly 5 percent of it, and then stall out. It was being all sorts of difficult. I was having that curious experience of being super stoked and super irritated all at once.

I think I might have to start from scratch and this time do it right instead of diving in and acting like I can suss it out just by blundering around. Stupid complicated powerful program.

However, I did make a video about this new hoodie I just got at Target. Also, my bathroom mirror needs a cleaning. But that will happen tomorrow. Or the next day.


  1. LOVE the videos! Definitely want the hoodie.

  2. i hope to see the hoodie video mentioned in your sabbatical report.

    i wish we had a target here.

    word verification: wingrat. SCARY!

  3. Can I get this hoodie? Because I'm loving the birds. (PS Over here, "hoodie" is a noun for youths or "yoofs" who hang about on street corners, behaving in an antisocial way. In a sentence: Hoodies banned from fancy shopping mall. This really happened, BTW.)

  4. I love hoodies!! And not the kind that Amelia speaks of. ;o)

    Very cute.



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