Sunday, May 03, 2009

Project 2.

Since I have a more or less complete draft of my manuscript, I am moving on to project two of my sabbatical (and high time, I'd say, but who has time for self-recrimination? when it's May, and so on and so forth, whoo! August will be here before you know it--but I digress--): the making of short films.

Some of you may have noticed the new feature to your right, Daily Vid. I posted the first one yesterday. These are and will probably always be modest little things, but in the spirit of diving in . . . there's yesterday's over there and here's another:

Miriam. In motion. from lisab on Vimeo.

Update: still waiting for news about my son (my daughter reminds me that no news is no doubt good news). For updates on Craig Arnold, anyone who wants to can go here (I know a lot of you already know, but for those of you that don't).


  1. Love the videos!! What a fun idea and I love that you have end credits. Is there anything you can't do????

  2. Should have been called, "Miriam in Motion and her mother's big fat behind" Oh well, this baby's got back.

    We loved watching this! What a great project.

  3. LOVE the videos!!!
    so so cute!! makes me miss them even more, but ya know what-it's okay! i am still the best aunt! :D
    love the vids though seriously!

  4. Oh my gosh that is good. The music! The enthusiasm. Now, though, you've made me feel guilty for not providing my daughter with probably aged, Scottish walls to balance-beam her way across. Short cement curbs are no substitute.

  5. PS Raymond wants to know about the music. What is it?

  6. Ok, the babysitting video is genius. Your voice is perfect for narration, I mean it. Very clear and illustrative.

  7. Love them both. Anxiously await more.

  8. I will demand you to babysit, I wont ask.

  9. I love, I love the videos.



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