Thursday, May 28, 2009

There will be Idaho.

Well, the people, I meant to finish a little film about insomnia, but it is still in progress ("not finished"), so all I have to say for myself is
  • my roses are starting to bloom,
  • their fragrance and color are making me swoon,
  • we have begun the yearly ritual of distributing the water to the roots,
  • Bruiser loves his walk,
  • I read and wept over Gilead,
  • I have a poem for my writing group on Sunday, and
  • we are going to Idaho for a quick swing, so my dad and mom can show us the ropes of opening it up for the season.


  1. *I* read and wept over Gilead. Twice.

  2. I just read Gildead last month, too! It is *so* wonderful, isn't it?

    Your films have been staying in my mind - I especially keep remembering "what is light." They have a similar effect on me as Chinese films (Long Way Home, Walking Alone for a 1000 Miles) - a profound quietness that makes my busy, nattering monkey brain say, "What happened? What happened? I didn't see it? Do it again?" Is this the difference between the passivity of receiving image and sound as opposed to the action of reading? Or that film seems more complete and unchangeable than rewritable text? - a thing to itself to be observed and acknowledged?

    Anyway, I'm enjoying the experience of them.

  3. All those ooo sounds. This post is poemic. I wish I was going to Idaho to see roses. Perhaps Italy will have roses. I'll let you know.

  4. Jealous. I am truly am.

  5. Give Idaho a kiss from me.

  6. When will you be back?? I hope to see you soon.

  7. Enjoy the cabin! As for the Bruiser video, I love the song you chose and promptly purchased it on itunes. Also, I have asked Bruiser all those questions in that order. If you want his answers, let me know. I wrote them down. It was getting him to stop talking that was the difficult part.

  8. Here's the song to sing when you cross the Idaho border: "And here we have Idaho, winning her way to fame. Silver and gold in the sunlight's rays, and romance lies in her name. Singing, singing of you, ah proudly true, all our life through, I'll go singing, singing of Idaho. There's only one state in this great land of ours where ideals can be realized, where pioneers made it so for you and me, a legacy we'll always prize. Singing, singing of you. . . . ." (Thanks to 8th grade curriculum in Teton City, Idaho, that insisted I learned two verses of this song plus the preamble to the consitution, and something to do with the declaration of independence.

    And of course the word Teton means breast. The Teton's loomed on the eastward horizon of my childhood.

    Who can't love Idaho??



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