Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend plans.

1. Appointment with Chad to pick up vegetables and eggs.
2. Possible movie (Savages, I hope I hope).
3. Possible jazz concert (Cannonball Coltrane Project).
4. Possible dinner out.
5. Possible outing with college daughter.
6. Responding to student drafts.
7. Several important e-mails to send.
8. Extra sleep?
9. Dog park.
10. Various procrastination efforts to undercut #6 above.
11. Watch the Oscars whilst blogging the Oscars (a plan I thought of just now).
12. Buy important hair care products.
13. Procrastinate some more.
14. Eat cookies left over from theory book group.
15. Contemplate a crowded next week.
16. Contemplate how, in the words of my immortal former dissertation chair, "a perfect Sunday can be utterly abolished by Monday."


  1. Good morning High Touch. Your list seems both daunting and doable and generally well-balanced with equal parts fun and work. Is your spring break soon? Our spring break is soon and then I can conceivably make lists to be proud of.
    I'll be checking in for your Oscar blogging, even if I don't watch them....

  2. Two points:

    1) I heard an interview with the director of The Savages on NPR yesterday. It sounds really good.

    2) Whoa, your dissertation chair was immortal? Awesome.

  3. i love the college daughter plans!!! some lunch? light shopping? haha :D

  4. Your list has inspired my list:
    1. Have anxiety attack about impending and as of yet unpenned DFL (44 days and counting)
    2. Take Son to movie ("Waterhorse")
    3. Stress about general state of disrepair of house (muddy kitchen, broken things, general layer of filth and dust)
    4. Not sleep (worrying about feverish son, worrying about DFL, writing bad poetry in my head)
    5. Watch the Oscars while blogging the Oscars (such a good idea I had to steal it)
    6. Stick to the potato chip diet (it seems to be not working in a way I can appreciate)
    7. Do some kind of exercise?



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