Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pop quiz: answer key.

I didn't see Steve Carell in a Sugar House Smith's Food and Drug, but my daughter did. She has already posted about it on her blog, and it's been a few days, so I feel entitled to appropriate her story as if it had happened to me. Me, her, same diff--I'm her mom.

Dr. Write notes that she would "quietly follow him around, looking for a reason to ask him, casually, in front of the frozen foods, 'So, what kind of ice cream should I get?'" Amelia, from Inverurie (Scotland, the United Kingdom, The World, The Universe), notes that she would most likely "have smiled politely from behind a cereal box..." Whereas various and sundry of my daughter's friends said they would have stalked him with a cellphone to get a picture, or asked him when there would be new episodes of The Office, because "life is so uneventful without that show....Thursdays are meaningless without it!"

Sheonagh from Stonehaven (Scotland, the United Kingdom, The World, The Universe) says that she "would obviously throw myself at him and offer to have his children." Close, Sheonagh! But the correct answer is (wait for it . . . ), "What are you doing in my grocery store?" followed by, "I always tell my husband that I want you to father my next child."

Whereupon, Steve Carell graciously replies, "Meet my wife, Carol."


  1. This is the best thing I have heard all day. I can only hope that my children grow up to be, as yours have, funny and roundly entertaining adults.

  2. Ditto Renaissance Girl. Smooth move Lisa B's daughter.

  3. I can't believe he was so close to me....five blocks? And far. See, my problem is that I would try to act like I was cool and end up being even more of a jerk. But I love that your daughter told him about her secret wish and I love that he introduced his wife. I'm just sad I didn't see him.
    And if I saw DS at the farmer's market? I think it would be hard not to hug him. Difficult, right?



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