Tuesday, February 05, 2008


The historian and I agreed, for one moment, in the parking lot outside the elementary school where each of us had just cast a vote in the Super Tuesday primary, to acknowledge the remarkable fact that there was a qualified, capable female and a qualified, capable African-American candidate in the Democratic primary, aside from whatever other issues we might have with either of them.

Okay, moment over.


  1. I had that moment all by myself. In the car. About the time I reconciled myself with the fact that I was not going to vote because I really couldn't make up my mind.

  2. If only MB and I could have such a moment. No, I mean, we have. Quickly followed by the moment in which we acknowledged that the woman might be a tad bit too wooden in her presentation and that if the African-American man were darker, he wouldn't be as palatable to Middle America. (perhaps this was brought on by the NYTimes article about the PBS series? Perhaps).
    Am I cynical? Yes. But also hopeful. A hopeful cynic.



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