Thursday, February 21, 2008

A fuzzball with lips does not enhance my Coke-drinking experience.

Does anyone really like this commercial? Doesn't it seem like the Coke would be warm by the time it gets to the person buying it out of a machine? Wouldn't you worry that the bottle would be fuzzy? Who wants fuzz on their Coke bottle? A bottle of Coke should have either (a) frost, or (b) condensation from the frost melting slightly on it. No fuzz. Too many critters touching the bottle. It has to come too far. The critters look a little sweaty. The only sweat near my Coke bottle should be metaphorical (see "condensation" point above). To this commercial, I say ick. In my memory, I will be pulling my Coke bottle--because in my memory, I am lucky enough to drink Coke from a cold glass bottle--from my granddaddy's soda cooler in his country store in Georgia, a soda cooler which was icy and very cold, as the last place a soda spends time before it reaches my hand, and then my gullet, should be.

1 comment:

  1. it really does freak me out a little. i mean, why oh why does the actual soda making machine have to start working when the creepy creature burps! ew!



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