Monday, February 18, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I was having a conversation with the very nice guy, aka genius, who does my hair, wherein I mentioned that I liked Amy Winehouse. He was, shall we say, derisive.

Me: The thing is, since I never listen to the radio, ever, I only barely heard "Rehab," like, three weeks ago. So I never got sick of it.

Genius: [his exact words are lost to memory, but basically, the gist was, "In that case, I'll allow it."]

Me: Shut up.

But this came back to me a couple of weeks ago when I happened to be in the car when This American Life was on. I am hardly ever in my car when that show is on, and generally I never listen to the radio in the house. So that means that I hardly ever listen to This American Life, which means--I never got sick of it.

[All of you who are sick of This American Life: In that case, we'll allow it.]

Well, if you didn't hear the "Tough Room" show a couple of weeks ago, I recommend that you listen to the last segment, Malcolm Gladwell discussing his first real journalism job at the Washington Post. It is so hilarious I probably shouldn't have been driving while I was listening.
You can hear the whole show here--the Gladwell bit is at the end. One other tough room--two Mormon missionaries trying to contact people in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Ouch.


  1. We heard that one!! Malcom Gladwell is hilarious. It raises some troubling questions that are perverse and often baffling.

  2. I'm not sick of TAL; in fact, it's the first podcast I listen to. I can't get enough at this point but I've only been listening for a year since I started podcasting it.

    Loved the Gladwell piece--very funny. Don't you love how he inserts Sydney in a AIDS story so he can travel there. And then the contest between the two journalists to insert certain obscure phrases (raising new and troubling questions) into their stories. A great laugh.

    I also really enjoyed the short intro piece about the daughter, on Thanksgiving, who says she finds Osama bin laden good looking to which her father says F*** off.

    The missionary piece disappointed me. I wanted them to go a bit deeper, maybe follow them to a visit or something. Seemed thin.

  3. I've always had major envy of your hair.



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