Monday, February 11, 2008


Post-Grammys commentary:

Me (via e): Just wondered if you saw Amy Winehouse (performing in the UK, I think)--did not look good, I didn't think.

Scotland daughter (via e): I think she is kind of a mess most of the time... she went blond for awhile, but looks like she's gone back to black (I could NOT help myself).

The Grammys suck, by the way. Worst awards show ever.


  1. Yeah! I had to watch the Winehouse performance on YouTube. Yes, a trainwreck. But what a voice! Holy bleep.
    And I had to watch the Carrie Underwood performance too. Night and day. But I'll take Winehouse any day, messed up and all. But I like Underwood too. cute. Blonde. etc. But I can't imagine listening to her whole album.

  2. Also, I did not know Dan Fogelberg had died, until I saw it on the Grammys. And it made me think of your post about the Christmas song.

  3. Not only does the show suck (and I've only witnessed it in passing a couple of times, and was aghast at how bad it was) the award itself sucks. Name one Grammy winner that is worth a damn. Go ahead. Name one.

  4. one grammy winner that is worth a damn: the beatles have won 13 grammys.
    also, alicia keys has won quite a few and she is just super talented, no one can deny.

    but yes, amy winehouse is a complete mess but again strangely addicting (for lack of a better word) voice.



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