Saturday, February 09, 2008

Keeping score.

Stuff I left in, or on the way home from, NYC: one elbow-length leather glove, small notebook with 75% of my notes from the conference

Days I've felt sick: 7

Collateral sickness: historian, college daughter

Movies seen since coming home: 0

Christmas tree: down

Cute new clothes at Old Navy: a ton

Clothes purchased at Old Navy: none

Fabulous dinners in SLC since coming home: 1

Dinners made from boxes and/or cans since coming home: a lot (Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup is a godsend. Also couscous from a box, pineapple and cottage cheese, and frozen pizza. I am not kidding.)

Poems I still need to write for poetry group tomorrow: 1

Days in a row I've taken an urgent nap in the afternoon: 5

Getting better starts tomorrow. Tomorrow, I say!


  1. 1) My worst nightmare is losing a notebook. I've done that on several occasions. Why the hell I can't keep hold of them, I have no idea. I also wonder what people think of the work when they read through them. And you know they are reading through them.

    2) Sorry about the lost glove. I hate lost gloves. Their mate seems so inappropriate after that.

    3) Have your tried the Campbell's lentil soup? It is actually pretty damn good. I revised my judgment of Campbell's after trying it.

  2. Ouch! I'm not sure what seems like it would hurt more--the loss of the notebook or the eating of several frozen pizzas. But bravo on the tree! A sign of good things to come.

  3. Sorry about the notebook and the glove. Maybe they will turn up in the lining of a suitcase or at the bottom of something?
    Must try the Vegetarian Vegetable. Soup from a can often saves us. On weekday nights.
    I hope the getting better begins promptly!!

  4. I lost a notebook once in Iowa. It was a notebook that I kept on my trip to Africa. It included several pressed flowers, the words to a Ghanaian folk song, and a recipe for groundnut stew.

    I would rather eat frozen pizza than lose a notebook.

  5. I just had couscous from a box the other day--it sucked and had an after-taste.

    I see better food in your near future.



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