Saturday, July 04, 2015


I have feelings about the fourth of July. I have shared them before, so I won't re-elucidate them, except to say: crowds, parades, 'I'm Proud to Be An American.' And so on. Annoying. However, when I saw this:

a flag! made out of cupcakes! so patriotic!
I was all, what the hell? How is it that Scotland does a better job with fourth of July stuff than me, who lives in America and grew up freaking pledging allegiance multiple times a day, and who knows how to sing all the service hymns because she learned them in an Air Force elementary school? I ask you.

Well, and how about this?

gwen and deacon light sparklers--so celebratory!

Well, we basically had not one shred of red, white, or blue, and no sparkly business whatsoever. BUT: we did

  • go to the farmer's market and buy pounds and pounds of cherries, along with
  • some phlox and some coneflowers to plant, and
  • a huuuge croissant. America!
Also, I
  • worked on my poem (nothing more patriotic than working on a poem), and
  • wiped down the cabinets in my kitchen, and
  • mopped the floor. Clean kitchen--land of the free, home of the brave, am I right?
And we went to see Dope (interesting) and ate tacos (above the fruited plains!).

Currently, we're keeping company with a dog who is a little nervous about the fireworks. Since they're almost finished (as I write this, there's still a regular amount of audible explosions), we'll go out for a walk, the smell of smoke, heat and gunpowder in the air in the sweet land of liberty of our neighborhood, of thee I sing.

(for your reference: fourth of july 2013 2012 2011 2009 2008)

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  1. I want it to be noted that these cupcakes were planned and implemented by Raymond and the kids. He is awesome!



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