Sunday, July 19, 2015


Recently, I have been on a quest for leopard print low heel ankle boots (none dare call them 'booties'). I can tell you, the people, that it's not necessarily true that you can find whatever you want on the internet, because sometimes what you want is only made at a price point that is prohibitive (but, just fyi, that phrase is alliterative because poetry) (another P!). And sometimes, what you want--or what you say you want to Google--turns out to be hideous in its current and therefore the only possible iterations.

yours is not to question why, yours is just to keep
looking for them until they manifest themselves in
the universe, at a price that is reasonable for a ridiculous
item such as this.

However: sometimes, if you are true to the quest, which means asking Google the question 'Where are they keeping all the leopard print Chelsea boots????' several times a week, sometimes you get what you want at the ZARA sale.

And then the ankle boots arrive in their spotted glory! Yet, and alas, they seem to have a powerful disinclination to go on your feet.

Universe, WHY? Maybe it's that you are feeling impatient. Maybe, because it's summer and you've been wearing flip flops round the clock, your feet are swollen. Maybe these shoes are not the actual answer to your quest.

But maybe, just maybe, if you set those shoes aside for a day or three, if you put them on in a more patient mood, they will slide right on, and be adorable and kind of sexy AND comfortable, given that you are wearing them with summer clothes and they kind of don't make sense. But still: SCORE.

Also, this:

I told my daughter tonight that I would like her to arrange for a song as compulsively awesome as 'Get Lucky' to be playing on the radio nonstop when we arrive in Scotland in two weeks. (!!!!!)

And this (shared with my by my daughter, retweeting Caitlin Moran's post). I find it very lucky to have been handed this via my daughter and also CM.

And THIS. (so lucky! that they got to meet each other!)

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