Sunday, July 12, 2015

Two weeks, bookended by weddings.

Yesterday was my niece's wedding. It was a beautiful affair. It was this beautiful affair for which I baked three cheesecakes (one of them not wedding-worthy). (For your reference, here is the cheesecake table at the wedding:)

This is before the cheesecake-craving hordes descended upon the table, with their knives, obviously.

My son arrived with his family in tow, and they'll be here for two weeks. My daughter from Louisiana will also be in town briefly. At the end of the visit, there will be another wedding, Mitch and Supriya. We'll be gathering our wits and our plans for this event, which should be lovely and moving and altogether great.

Today, several of us went downtown and did a little Temple Squaring:

Lesley & Supriya

meadow on the roof

Mitch's shenanigans, and Supriya being amused by them.

queen Anne's lace & coneflowers

The Boss.


A view of the valley

who knows what these shenanigans are all about?
The day was beautiful and not too hot, because of the breeze. Downtown was nearly deserted at late morning and midday. When we went home and made a little lunch and talked about this and that, we all agreed that a Sunday nap was in order. Sunday naps are indisputably the best naps.

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